Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

After going through a bit of a slump this week with graduate school, which definitely affected my reading, I’m so thankful to Lauren at Lala’s Book Reviews for tagging me! This is the pick me up I need because honestly, I needed to vent anyways, so why not vent about the books that I keep saying that I will eventually get to but won’t.

A really hyped book you’re not interested in reading:

I do not plan on reading The Song of Achilles. I tried to read Circe. I made it through 250 pages of that mammoth, and I literally just wanted to claw my eyes out from boredom. I absolutely love greek mythology (The Odyssey is one of my all time favorite myths), but I felt that Circe was turned into the whiny character that I loathed. Since most people have raved that The Song of Achilles is along the same tune, that is a hard pass for me.

Series you won’t be starting/finishing:

Ok, so I have two for this one.

The first one that immediately comes to mind is Throne of Glass and the rest of the books that follow that series. I know everyone is always screaming about how amazing ToG is but honestly, I don’t feel like committing the time to go back and read the entire series. I feel like I’ve already missed out on it’s prime, and if I read it now and dislike it…well then I’m just the as*hole for not seeing it’s greatness. Therefore, it’s just safe for me to take that one as a pass.

The second one is a series that I started, and I have no intention of going back to. I read The Red Queen, and honestly, I really enjoyed Mare’s story and the brewing rebellion. I tried The Glass Sword and DNF’d at the 50% mark. I just couldn’t do it anymore. Maybe the storyline gets better, but I just don’t feel like investing the time to see if it does.

A classic that you’re not interested in:

I know this going to sound terrible, but I am not a Jane Austen fan. I’ve tried to read Pride and Prejudice I don’t know how many times, and I am never able to get more than a few chapters in. I don’t know if it’s the language or the writing style but I really can’t bring myself to fall in love with the characters the way that most people do in order to continue reading.

A genre you never read:

I have a really hard time getting into non-fiction. I am incredibly picky with it. I have read probably less than five non-fiction books in my life, and the ones that I have read have all been by Richard Preston. I don’t get into biographies and memoirs. I always say that I will, but I haven’t found a person that I am so fascinated by that I want to read their life story (I also say this as a I have a copy of Becoming by Michelle Obama staring at me on my shelf since it was released).

A book on your shelf that you will probably never read:

I have books on my shelves that I have had for over a decade and still haven’t read. Anna Karenina is one of the first ones to come to mind. It has a gorgeous cover, but I haven’t brought myself to read that gargantuan of a book.


If you participate, tag me so I can read your posts! Feel free to participate even if you aren’t tagged.


  1. I did read Anna Karenina – and I was never so cranky. There are at least 500 pages that are completely unnecessary. And whenever I see someone with it I always want to warn them. Don’t fall for the “It’s a great classic” like I did. It’s awful!

    I really like this topic for a post though! Fun to read and think about

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  2. I’m sorry to hear you are not a fan of Circe, I adored it but I guess it’s not for everyone!

    I totally agree with you on ToG, I read the first book, thought it was garbage and gave up with the entire series. I could see what was going to happen and the main char felt very flat to me.

    The Red Queen series, I’ve read the majority of (excluding the last book) and I can see why you won’t be going back to it. In some ways it emulates the Hunger Games series with the twists and the character development and honestly, it just seems to get more and more depressing as the series continues.

    I’m not a fan of classics myself. I think the problem is I can’t get on board with the issues they present, I don’t enjoy them and I can’t identify with them.

    I hope you don’t mind me adding my two cents 🙂

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    • Love the two cents! I definitely think that The Red Queen gave me flashbacks to The Hunger Games, but it’s much longer and doesn’t contain as much action. I also don’t think I was in the mood for dystopian at the time.

      Great point about the classics. I think that’s why I’ll always read YA. I love that the topics discussed, even if outside my age group, are still very relevant to me.

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      • You are defo right in terms of it being much longer and drawn out. Even some of the action was a little bit droll. I think I didn’t really realise it was dystopian when I first picked it up in my head it was more fantasy, which is why I think I was abit thrown by it.

        I pick up YA if it feels like good fit. I love Becky Albertalli’s books and I do love stuff like The Hate You Give and Ramona Blue.

        I definitely feel like a lot of YA books are relevant to modern society, they kinda have to be with the current climate and I think that’s part of why I enjoy them.

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